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Caroline Sheridan Loose

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Caroline Sheridan Loose     

artist's biography

My work has been a continuous search for stillness. In earlier work stillness was found in the expanse of the sky over thin strips of uninhabited land. As both my physical and psychological spaces became more limited, the search for stillness and space turned inward. While the landscapes skirted the edges of abstraction, these pieces became completely abstract. Stillness was found in the balance and counter-balance of shapes and in the subtlety of color relationships. I think of these pieces as being Meditations, a kind of "visual prayer." Many of the pieces used very close color and value relationships, requiring the viewer to enter a still space in order for the work to be visible.

Four years ago I began to spend the summers and two weeks at Christmastime in a secluded area on the south shore of Nova Scotia. I was reintroduced to the quiet expansiveness that had earlier inspired my work. In addition to the space was the atmosphere created by fog. Days could go by without seeing the horizon line, but very quiet changes in the whites or grays, gave a sense of unlimited space. This became a space to breathe again.

These pieces reflect the return to inspiration from landscape, but with greater attention to the quality of the surface, and substance of the paint. The exploration of surface and color relationships in the Meditation series became an important element in this series. As the small Meditations were internal spaces to be still, these are spaces to enter and breathe deeply.