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James Steen

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artist's biography

In conjunction with his role as a design firm principal, James turned more of his attention to fine art in 2003 with the opening of Bucks Gallery of Fine Art. "I had moved to Phillilps Mill next door to the painting studio of William Lathrop, and it seemed every where I turned, I was looking at the living landscapes captured by Lathrop and his contemporaries, Edward Redfield, Daniel Garber and Charles Rosen, 100 years before."

Today he splits his time between Acme Interactive, Newtown, PA and his new studio also at Phillips Mill on the Delaware River (the old Charles Rosen studio built in 1915 shortly before Rosen and his wife Mildred moved to Woodstock, New York). James still loves the landscape but finds his style gravitating to abstract expressionism. "It's been a natural progression for me," he says. "I still like to work grounded in nature, because I think it helps the viewer establish a starting point, but I also like to leave room for their own interpretation."

Steen particularly likes large, color field type pieces that can enhance and often transform a room. "Maybe it's my design background and a philosophy that less is more, coupled with an interest in architecture. Coming from a family of architects and interior designers, I've always been fascinated with how spaces make you feel. When someone walks into a home or office, I find it interesting how many people remember the art on the wall more than anything else."