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Luis Bujalance

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Luis Bujalance Luis Bujalance Luis Bujalance Luis Bujalance Luis Bujalance
Luis Bujalance Luis Bujalance Luis Bujalance Luis Bujalance Luis Bujalance

artist's statement

2006 Collection Comments
"This series does not respond to a particular period separated from the rest of my work. From my point of view in my paintings there is a continuity in which, possibly, some technical changes can be seen but not in the content. Regarding the technique, this time I introduced some big format photographs as part of the background mixing the reality seen from a camera and the reality of matter itself (asphalt, paint and material).

The reading of my work is like a trip that starts from matter and could end in spirituality. I say "could end" because the end of the trip depends not on the painting but on the observer. Some people find abstract as nonsense, some as something aesthetically powerful and some, like me, as a way of communication that has not limits. Both ends of the trip form the "duality" matter-spirituality, but no one is obliged to go to the final stop.

My work is to order the matter so it will carry a meaning for me.

In my studio, the environment is essential to build my state of mind and music is very important to create that, but also out of the studio my experiences, what I see, hear or read feed my ideas to be part of the paintings as shapes, textures or words. About the words, I also use poems (mostly Lorca, a spanish poet) or lyrics from songs that I find compatible with the rest. I always like to remark that texts are not for me as important as anyone could think. I understand that is the most clear part of a painting, everybody can read, but I think the painting is more than just a phrase. Just the same, the tittles are only a reference. I would like the observer to be able to make his own reading without even looking at the tittle. I think when there is sensitivity on both sides (the artist and the observer) there's no need for explaining an abstract painting."

2005 Collection Comments
"Abstract painting gives form to concepts that are not physical. My goal is to bring together raw material (in this case paint, canvas, asphalt.) and ideas. My thought is that this duality already exists in every physical object and raw material already contains a lot of information that we ignore either because they are not shown to us with the clarity that we demand, or because we just don't pay attention to it. These unseen properties can belong to the material itself or be given by us through our own way of associating ideas. The change of scenery (the same asphalt we see at a parking lot is now on a canvas) will bring attention to it, and, possibly, also to the parking lot next time we step on it. So maybe this simple strategy will help us to look again at things.

My work is to order raw material by adapting chaos to a certain scheme where a message is suggested with more intensity. If we accept that raw material can carry a message, we would have to admit that it has in itself an intellectual or even spiritual side, depending on our own level of receptivity. For me raw material owns all these attributes and while I work I try not to interfere with the inner nature and show it as it really behaves. In my paintings I create new reality (not an interpretation of reality) where nature acts under it own principles, I only organize raw material on a surface creating a balance in the composition and interpret the results. My interpretation of my paintings are obviously subjective and, as I am the creator of this new reality I allow myself, every now and then, to add words that can sometimes support that meaning or add ambiguity (as well as contributing to balance the composition)."

2004 Collection Comments
"My purpose is to paint using the nature rather than reproduce it. I don't use much color in order not to interfere with the colors of the materials that I use on my paintings. Asphalt is the new material I am working with, but it is not my first experiment. Before I use to work with cement, plaster or adding found used things or paper. I like all these ingredients to be themselves as they are out of the paintings. I don't use them to recreate reality but to create more reality where things are ordered in a different way that can be suggestive for me and make them form groups that carry a meaning. The meanings are not always the same for everyone and that make the whole thing more interesting.

Sometimes I also write on my paintings. What I write is not to be read as a statement. Words can be ambiguous and I like ambiguity. Many meanings are always more interesting than just one. I started using asphalt when I walked on the "Camino de Santiago" a few years ago. I would look at the patches on the roads and make sketches from them. I have discovered a great versatility in this material that gives texture to my work. That texture in opposition to the white paint make the stains move in a direction or leave pass through over it. Obstacles and easy ways are found by these stains, like the water of rain heading for a river or the sea. The tendency of water is to follow the easiest way, and that's natural, but the tendency in life is not always just to follow the easiest way... we have to find the balance between nature and ego.

As simple as that is the interpretation of my paintings for me, but is not the only one and I expect people to find their own, according to themselves.

I would like the titles to be taken as a reference and not as an imposition on the painting.

I want abstract to remain abstract."