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online gallery members

image information

You can send us your images in a variety of formats (such as slides or prints), but we prefer to accept your images in digital formats.

digital file information

We can accept your images in TIFF or JPEG format. Below are some image size and quality guidelines:

  • Save your images in a high quality, (such as 8 / 80% or higher for JPEGs). We will re-sample them to create web-friendly images when posting
  • Final images will be a maximum width of 460 pixels (by whatever proportionate height is needed). Be sure your images are at least 460 pixels wide before sending them.
  • Final images will be a resolution of 72dpi. Be sure your images are at least 72dpi before sending them.
  • Image file size should try to be kept as small as possible. We will re-sample your images to create a web-friendly image of about 80k (give or take) if your images are larger than this.
  • You may submit a maximum of 10 images to be used on your page (this does not include your biography photo)

Along with each image, you may send the following pieces of information:

  • Artwork title (if you do not supply a title, the piece will be called "untitled" on the site)
  • Artwork dimensions (in inches)
  • Medium of artwork

If you are unable to send us your images in a digital format, you can mail us slides or prints. Please contact the for more information.

You may also submit a photo of yourself to appear on your artist biography page.

text information

Every artist has the following general information:

  • First and last name
  • Location
  • Medium in which you work (up to 3)

In addition to the above general information, each artist can have an artist's statement and/or an artist's biography. Typically, this information is 2-3 paragraphs in length and can include links to other websites or an email address.

how to send us your information

We prefer that you send all information electronically via

You must limit the file size of your emails to under 5MB. So, if you are emailing us all of your photos, make sure to break up your submission into 3 or 4 separate emails.

You can also mail us a CD-ROM containing your information to the following address: Gallery of Fine Art - Newtown
201 South State St.
Newtown, PA 18940

gallery referral program

If you are already an online gallery member, you can refer your friends and colleagues to join the gallery as well. For each person that signs up (and indicates you that you referred them), you can receive a 1 month credit to your account.

The person signing up must enter your full name on their online application, as shown in the image below.

sample referral

Remember - the person joining must enter your full name in the "referred by" field on their membership application for you to get an account credit.

still have questions?

If your questions aren't answered here,